Dan Benveniste

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Gene expression in higher organisms is thought to be regulated by a complex network of transcription factor binding and chromatin modifications, yet the relative importance of these two factors remains a matter of debate. Here, we show that a computational approach allows surprisingly accurate prediction of histone modifications solely from knowledge of(More)
The admixture of air in inspired gas with a paediatric insufflation system based on a gas jet has been investigated. During anaesthesia with spontaneous ventilation 1% of air per kg body weight was found in tracheal gas samples. A venturi effect was virtually absent even at high jet flows, which suggests that artificial ventilation prevents air admixture.
Five dogs were cooled externally with ice-bags to rectal temperatures of 21.8-24.8 degrees C. Rewarming was performed with a specially constructed double-lumen oesophageal tube with circulating water at 42 degrees C. With this device, rewarming of the dogs to 30 degrees C took place in 60-102 min (mean 82 min). Up to a temperature of 31 degrees C (the(More)
Previous to October 1st, 1981, 8 major Danish anaesthesiological departments registered 105 patients treated with extradural opiates for a period of more than 7 days, partially or completely on outpatient basis. Ninety-four suffered from painful malignant diseases and 11 patients from various painful benign diseases. The mean period of treatment was 65 days(More)
Bovine corpus luteum is the site of intense production of pro-ocytocin-neurophysin mRNA at day 1 after estrus (Ivell et al. (1985) FEBS Lett. 190, 263-267) which is followed by apparent delayed production of ocytocin. Therefore it is a good model to study both the translational and post-translational production of this neuropeptide in non-hypothalamic(More)