Dan Bartels

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Primary nursing brings about changing roles, responsibilities, and communication patterns for all members of the health care team. The head nurse, as she introduces new staff to primary nursing and its day-to-day applications, is in an ideal position to generate enthusiasm for the goals of the concept. In attempting to implement this new care pattern, she(More)
Reference is made in this paper to cardiotocographic monitoring of labour by the principle of selective alarm recording, using trend memory scope, TMS-2, and a modified cardiotocographic recorder, FTS-101.--Upper or lower limits of individually preselected thresholds of foetal heart rate as well as upper limits of amplitude, frequency, basal tonus, and(More)
A system solution with new technical details and new demands on space distribution is proposed for the use of antenatal cardiotocography and cardiotocographic monitoring of labour. Bedside equipment will be reduced and widely shifted to a centralised control room by introduction of the system. All installations are of high flexibility to leave room for(More)
Emotion theorists have long debated whether valence, which ranges from pleasant to unpleasant states, is an irreducible aspect of the experience of emotion, or whether positivity and negativity are separable in experience. If valence is irreducible, it follows that people cannot feel happy and sad at the same time. Conversely, if positivity and negativity(More)