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We focus on the problem of semantic segmentation based on RGB-D data, with emphasis on analyzing cluttered indoor scenes containing many visual categories and instances. Our approach is based on a parametric figureground intensity and depth-constrained proposal process that generates spatial layout hypotheses at multiple locations and scales in the image(More)
We present a model for video segmentation, applicable to RGB (and if available RGB-D) information that constructs multiple plausible partitions corresponding to the static and the moving objects in the scene: i) we generate multiple figure-ground segmentations, in each frame, parametrically, based on boundary and optical flow cues, then track, link and(More)
The study concerns 264 cases among which: 119 active lung tb. eliminating and 11 cases not-eliminating M. Tuberculosis; 17 cases of extrarespiratory tb. confirmed by bacteriology and/or by anatomopathology; 18 cases of bone-joint non-tb disease; 38 cases of chronic lung disease other than tb; 61 healthy persons (controls). Sera from these cases were(More)
A group of 188 adult subjects has been studied as follows: 119 cases of pulmonary tb confirmed by smear and/or culture; 44 cases with other chronic lung diseases; 25 healthy persons. The following serological tests have been performed: immunofluorescence indirect test (FA) using mycobacterial total antigen; ELISA test using two antigens: PPD and a freeze(More)
The serum level of IgE was determined in 59 patients (of whom 36 had atopic asthma, 15 had non-atopic asthma, and 8 had various other pneumopathies with a bronchospastic component). A radioimmunological method was used. The data obtained show that the average values for IgE are high in atopic asthma (796 +/- 161 I.U. per ml). The highest values were of(More)
Clinical and paraclinical experience in HIV infection, though the time elapsed since the first observations is relatively short, begins to get typical outlines. In the case of AIDS, the lung is the main place of opportunistic infections, other inflammatory processes and neoplasia. The present work deals with six clinical cases with positive serum tests for(More)
HIV infection and its final form as AIDS were ignored by the public opinion in Romania till 1990. Nowadays it is real fact in our country. Out of total number of 2235 AIDS cases declared till March 1st 1993 by the Ministry of Health only 134 were adult persons. The study concerns 65 cases of AIDS in adults in order to find out the lung symptoms proportion(More)