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Liu process is a new tool to deal with the noise process based on uncertainty theory. In this paper, we view the foreign exchange rate as an uncertain process, described by an uncertain differential equation driven by Liu process, and build an uncertain currency model. Then the uncertain currency option processes are discussed. Moreover, European and(More)
Liu's inference is a process of deriving consequences from uncertain knowledge or evidence via the tool of conditional uncertainty. Using identification functions, this paper derives some expressions of Liu's inference rule for uncertain systems. This paper also discusses Liu's inference rule with multiple antecedents and with multiple if-then rules.
In many systems, randomness and uncertainty are present simultaneously. Uncertain random variables provide a tool to deal with these inexact phenomena. This paper proposes a concept of risk index to quantify the risk of an uncertain random system. In addition, a risk index theorem is proved in order to calculate the risk index, and is applied to series(More)