Damon L Aisbett

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INTRODUCTION There is a general paucity of research in the area of rural adolescent mental health in Australia, and in particular a lack of data regarding the experiences of rural adolescents who seek help for mental health problems. This study used a qualitative approach to data collection and analysis in order to assist understanding of the barriers to(More)
OBJECTIVE This study aims to explore Australian rural adolescents' experiences of accessing help for a mental health problem in the context of their rural communities. DESIGN AND SETTING A qualitative research design was used whereby university students who had sought help for a mental health problem during their adolescence were interviewed about their(More)
UNLABELLED INTRODUCTION In Australia, rural adolescents still face barriers to obtaining professional psychological help due to poor availability and accessibility of services in rural areas when delay in seeking help for mental health problems can lead to poorer treatment outcomes. The aims of this study were to: investigate the preferences and intentions(More)
The mental health of adolescents living in rural Australia has received little research attention. In this article, the extant literature on rural adolescent mental health in Australia is reviewed. Given the lack of literature on this topic, the review is centered on a vignette presented at the beginning of the article. The case represented by the vignette(More)
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