Damon A Hillman

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Calorimetry measurements (using a method based on multicollision induced dissociation) have been performed for unsupported gallium clusters, Gan+ (n = 30-50 and 55). Melting transitions have been identified from spikes in the heat capacities recorded as a function of temperature. There are enormous fluctuations in the melting temperatures and the heats of(More)
Copper-doped tin clusters can be thermally annealed to much more stable compositions with a substantially higher copper/tin ratio. The annealed clusters are only prominent over a narrow range of compositions: CuSn(10-15)+, Cu2Sn(12-18)+, Cu3Sn(15-21)+, Cu4Sn(18-(24)+, and Cu5Sn(21-(27)+. These compositions are close to those found for W(m)Si(n)+ clusters,(More)
We studied the distribution of HLA-D--related (DRw) antigens in 40 patients with juvenile diabetes mellitus (JDM) and 79 matched controls. We found that DRw2 was significantly decreased in the JDM group, suggesting a protective effect of the antigen and that the decrease observed in B7 was secondary. HLA-DRw3 and HLA-DRw4 were increased in the diabetic(More)
Ultrasmooth nanostructured diamond (USND) films were synthesized on Ti-6Al-4V medical grade substrates by adding helium in H(2)/CH(4)/N(2) plasma and changing the N(2)/CH(4) gas flow from 0 to 0.6. We were able to deposit diamond films as smooth as 6 nm (root-mean-square), as measured by an atomic force microscopy (AFM) scan area of 2 μm(2). Grain size was(More)