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Research on software process has mostly focused on the overall process of a project or an organization, and on optimizing or improving it. While overall process clearly influences the productivity in a project, it is also true that majority of the effort in a project is spent in executing tasks by programmers or testers. Hence, for a given overall process,(More)
Model based software development promises to increase productivity by generating executable code automatically from design/models thereby eliminating the manual coding phase. Although new software development projects have yielded high productivity using model based development, its effect on productivity of maintenance projects involving enhancement tasks(More)
Software productivity is influenced by how efficiently programmers execute tasks assigned to them. For executing a task, programmers execute several steps. How the execution of these steps is organized by a programmer is referred to as task process. While overall software process has been well studied, the impact of task processes has not been studied much.(More)
Improving productivity is one of the basic goals of any software development company. One possible reason for productivity being lower than what is possible may be due to Parkinson's law, which states that work expands to fill the time available for its completion. In a software project this means that if more than needed time is given to a programmer, the(More)
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