Damodar Joshi

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Rasa sindura, is a famous and prestigious Ayurvedic Preparation, prepared by Kupipakwa method through Baluka Yantra system of healing. It is supposed as a toxic drug due to presence of Mercury. Therefore, it needs experimental proves and such type of experimental study shows that there are no toxic effects in therapeutic doses. Gamdhaka Jarana process(More)
Svarna Vanga, an important Ayurvedic tin preparation having mercury as one of its ingredients, is mainly indicated in the treatment of Pramehas (genitourinary disorders). What role does mercury play in its preparation is not known. Hence present study has been planned with a view to prepare SvarnaVanga using mercury in different amounts. It was observed(More)
SODHANA, which literally means purification, is a procedure necessary for every drug before taking it for adding in any compound or subjecting it for further processes like Bhasmikarana (incineration) etc. Purified drug in the lines of modern science is different from, that of Ayurveda as the former is cent percent the main drug only and latter may contain(More)
Vangabhasma is a popular and effective dosage form prepared from tin metal in Ayurvedic practice. Since modern literature attributes certain toxicity to tin salts, an attempt is made to screen the acute and sub-acute toxicity of Vangabhasma in the form, dose and route as is in the practice or Ayurveda. In this paper, dose-effect relation of Vangabhasma on(More)
Swarna - Vanga, an Ayurvedic preparation, is used in the treatment mainly of Pramehas (genitor urinary and metabolic disorders), Sveta Pradara (Leucorrhoea), Kasa - Swasa (Respiratory disorders), etc. The drug contains tin and sulphur as major components along with traces of mercury, iron and aluminum. According to modern point of view certain metals have(More)
In ancient days, Physicians having the comprehensive knowledge of Bhaishajya Kalpana, used to prepare the drugs themselves to treat their patients. So there was no doubt in obtaining genuine drug with desired therapeutic effect. But in recent years, the growing population and their life style, industrialization etc have forced physicians to depend on market(More)
To Substantiate the claims of Ayurvedic classics, animal experimentation with modern technology has been carried out in this paper. Various methods have been described for induction diabetes Mellitus or any other disease. Now it is the duty of an Ayurvedist to select the suitable method on the guidelines of Ayurvedic aetiology to produce a condition(More)