Damodar Joshi

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Rasa sindura, is a famous and prestigious Ayurvedic Preparation, prepared by Kupipakwa method through Baluka Yantra system of healing. It is supposed as a toxic drug due to presence of Mercury. Therefore, it needs experimental proves and such type of experimental study shows that there are no toxic effects in therapeutic doses. Gamdhaka Jarana process(More)
In ancient days, Physicians having the comprehensive knowledge of Bhaishajya Kalpana, used to prepare the drugs themselves to treat their patients. So there was no doubt in obtaining genuine drug with desired therapeutic effect. But in recent years, the growing population and their life style, industrialization etc have forced physicians to depend on market(More)
The role of different types of containers and methods of preparation was studied in the case of Kutajarista. Stainless steel containers were found to be superior of vessels made of earth and wood. Addition of yeast generated more alcohol facilitating better extraction of chemicals. The significance of the findings is discussed.
This study deals with Asavarishta preparations of the Ayurvedic System of medicine and scans various classical texts to find out the different types of constituents required for their preparation along with their proportions, the method of preparation, the time required to complete the process, the fermentations pots, the fermenting materials, the place and(More)
To Substantiate the claims of Ayurvedic classics, animal experimentation with modern technology has been carried out in this paper. Various methods have been described for induction diabetes Mellitus or any other disease. Now it is the duty of an Ayurvedist to select the suitable method on the guidelines of Ayurvedic aetiology to produce a condition(More)