Damir Vucina

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Original scientific paper The tool wear evaluation has a very strong impact on the product quality as well as efficiency of the manufacturing process. Experience-based assessment of tool wear and total cumulative time of operation has been applied. Tactile mechanical sensing devices and optical microscopes have been applied as well. This paper proposes and(More)
Shape optimization is numerically a very demanding process, where several traditionally separate numerical processes meet together in a heterogeneous multidisciplinary environment. Typical elements involved are (1) the optimizer itself that implements the selected search strategy, (2) the parameterization procedure that provides the bidirectional mapping(More)
Product development in highly competitive times frequently implies very short time-to-market deadlines and product designs that need to deliver high performance at low investment and operation costs. These conflicting objectives can sometimes be accomplished by starting from existing designs and optimizing for better performance defined by some set of(More)
Optimum design problems are frequently formulated using a single excellence criterion (minimum mass or similar) with evolutionary algorithms engaged as decision-support tools. Alternatively, multiobjective formulations are used with a posteriori decision-making amongst the Pareto candidate solutions. The former typically introduces excessive simplification(More)
As shape parameterization defines the design variables for the optimization of some object (geometric knowledge representation), it is very important to apply parameterizations with a low number of control points in order to reduce the dimensionality of the search space. A parameterization for 2D and 3D geometries based on piecewise Bezier curves and(More)
The idea of establishing a printing house is interesting in many aspects such as entrepreneurial, technical and technological, cultural sociological, marketing and the other. However, at the very beginning it imposes the question: Namely, printing as a branch of the graphic industry in Croatia has a great problem. There is no law in Croatia on publishing or(More)
ABSTRACT An overview of the Vibration and Experimental Modal Analysis (EMA) and system identification method and possible applications in non-destructive testing (NDT) is provided. The system identification in time, frequency and scale-time domain methods are presented. The illustrative examples of stiffness, mass and damping identification are provided.(More)