Damir Korencic

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Aspect-oriented opinion mining aims to identify product aspects (features of products) about which opinion has been expressed in the text. We present an approach for aspect-oriented opinion mining from user reviews in Croatian. We propose methods for acquiring a domain-specific opinion lexicon, linking opinion clues to product aspects, and predicting(More)
Translation is the process by which ribosomes direct protein synthesis using the genetic information contained in messenger RNA (mRNA). Transfer RNAs (tRNAs) are charged with an amino acid and brought to the ribosome, where they are paired with the corresponding trinucleotide codon in mRNA. The amino acid is attached to the nascent polypeptide and the(More)
Agenda setting is the theory of how issue salience is transferred from the media to media audience. An agenda-setting study requires one to define a set of issues and to measure their salience. We propose a semi-supervised approach based on topic modeling for exploring a news corpus and measuring the media agenda by tagging news articles with issues. The(More)
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