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The aim of this paper is to compare different methods for automatic extraction of semantic similarity measures from corpora. The semantic similarity measure is proven to be very useful for many tasks in natural language processing like information retrieval, information extraction, machine translation etc. Additionally, one of the main problems in natural(More)
This research is a first step towards a system for translating Croatian weather forecast into multiple languages. This steps deals with the Croatian-English language pair. The parallel corpus consists of a one-year sample of the weather forecasts for the Adriatic consisting of 7,893 sentence pairs. Evaluation is performed by best known automatic evaluation(More)
This paper describes methods used for generating a morphological lexicon of organization entity names in Croatian. This resource is intended for two primary tasks: template-based natural language generation and named entity identification. The main problems concerning the lexicon generation are high level of inflection in Croatian and low linguistic quality(More)
This paper describes the process of building a newspaper corpus annotated with events described in specific documents. The main difference to the corpora built as part of the TDT initiative is that documents are not annotated by topics, but by specific events they describe. Additionally, documents are gathered from sixteen sources and all documents in the(More)
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