Damir Žubčić

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Concentrations of glucose, cholesterol, triglycerides, total proteins and albumin in the blood of goats have been investigated. The tested herd contained 80 clinically healthy goats aged between 6 months and ten years, kept and fed extensively. Relative hypoglycaemia, hypocholesterolemia and hypotriglyceredemia were detected and are attributed to(More)
Use of animals for therapeutic purposes, animal assisted therapy or AAT is a method for improving quality of life for long-term inpatients. The object of this paper was to evaluate dog companionship as a form of AAT and its effects on perception of loneliness in geriatric nursing home residents. The participants were involved in a six-month program of dog(More)
Haematological and biochemical parameters were examined in the blood of 87 cows, bulls and oxen of the indigenous Croatian breed, Istrian cattle. The sample represents 11.93 % of the total adult population. This breed is classified as highly endangered. The age of tested animals was between 2 and 17 years. Cattle were divided into three groups, animals aged(More)
  • Veterinarski arhiV, Darko Gereš, +4 authors Branimira Ževrnja
  • 2009
GEREŠ, D., R. TURK, D. ŽUBČIĆ, B. VULIĆ, N. STAKLAREVIĆ, B. ŽEVRNJA: Influence of nutrition in the postparturient period on the fertility of dairy cows. Vet. arhiv 79, 119-130, 2009. ABSTRACT Essentially, nutrition affects the fertility of dairy cows. The incidence of functional forms of subfertility is constantly increasing, especially due to disturbances(More)
Three groups of Hybro broiler chickens, of which one group were controls, a second treated intragastrically with histamine, and a third stressed by immersion in water, were used in the experiment. Serum activities of aspartate and alanine aminotransferase and creatine kinase were evaluated. Gizzard erosion length, body weight during fattening,(More)
By using immunohistology and digital image analysis for histomorphometry, we investigated the infl uence of porcine postnatal development on distribution and quantitative patterns of naïve/memory lymphoid cell subsets (CD45RA+, CD45RC+, respectively), helper/cytotoxic T cell subsets (CD4+, CD8+, respectively) as well as of IgA+ plasma cells in the(More)
  • VETERINARSKI ARHIV, Darko Gereš, +5 authors Koraljka Gracin
  • 2011
The aim of this study was to compare the effect of postpartal activity of the left and the right side of reproductive organs on subsequent fertility in dairy cows, depending on the side of previous gestation, after deep intracornual semen deposition, strictly in cows with single ovulations. The semen was deposited in the horn ipsilateral to the ovary with(More)
POTOČNJAK, D., Ž. PAVIČIĆ, LJ. BEDRICA, B. KRSNIK, A. EKERT KABALIN, M. TORTI, D. ŽUBČIĆ: Plasma cortisol concentrations in gilts treated with immunomodulator during early gravidity. Vet. arhiv ��, �������, ����. ABSTRACT The goal of this research was to ascertain if multiple immunomodulation can decrease stress consequences of gilt relocation from the(More)
ŽUBČIĆ, D., LJ. BEDRICA, D. GRAČNER, I. HARAPIN, M. FURY, J. JEREMIĆ: Blood groups, haematology and clinicochemical indicators in indigenous breeds of dog. 1. Croatian sheepdogs. Vet. arhiv 78, 141-147, 2008. ABSTRACT The research involved 95 pure breed Croatian sheepdogs, 48 females and 47 males ranging in age from 1 to 12 years. Blood samples were taken(More)
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