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This paper proposed a support vector machine (SVM) based classification method to identify diversified pathological voices. Sound signals were sampled from the pronunciation of a vowel "a" vocalized by 214 subjects, including 181 patients suffered from various dysphonias (such as polypoid degeneration, adductor spasmodic dysphonia, vocal fatigue, vocal(More)
This paper introduces an effective mesh smoothing method for 3D noisy shapes via the adaptive MMSE (minimum mean squared error) filter. The adaptive MMSE filter is applied to modify the face normals of triangle meshes and then mesh vertex positions are reconstructed in order to satisfy the modified normals. We also compare quantitatively and visually the(More)
In order to achieve higher load balancing, it is necessary to solve irregular block redistribution problems, which are different from regular block-cyclic redistribution. High Performance Fortran version 2 (HPF-2) provides irregular distribution functionalities, such as GEN_BLOCK and INDIRECT. This paper is devoted to develop an efficient algorithm that(More)
Here we present an overview of some published papers of interest for the marketing research employing electroencephalogram (EEG) and magnetoencephalogram (MEG) methods. The interest for these methodologies relies in their high-temporal resolution as opposed to the investigation of such problem with the functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI)(More)
A noninvasive and unconstrained real-time method to detect the respiration rhythm and pulse rate during sleep is presented. By employing the a trous algorithm of the wavelet transformation (WT), the respiration rhythm and pulse rate can be monitored in real-time from a pressure signal acquired with a pressure sensor placed under a pillow. The waveform for(More)
In this paper, a cell phone and a three dimension accelerometer are used to develop a simple fall risk prediction system. Accelerometer offers a practical and low cost method of objectively monitoring human walking. This paper gives the gait stability and gait symmetry definition only under the data conditions of acceleration. According to the gait model,(More)
Personalized information service agents have emerged in the recent years to help users to cope with the increasing amount of information available on the Internet. The effectiveness of agents depends mainly on profile completeness and accuracy. In the existing agents, although the performance of these systems improves after learning a user profile, it is(More)
The ability to measure human movement accurately forms an essential part of a clinical assessment, thus allowing the efficacy of therapeutic interventions to be determined. The most commonly used clinical method for assessing human movement is goniometry, motion capture system, Electromagnetic tracking systems and so on. There are some essential limitations(More)