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Train operation energy consumption occupies a large proportion of whole rail transport resource consumption. Aiming at improving energy utilization, current research is mainly about saving energy while security and time are limiting conditions. However, actual train operation is a complex process which has strict requirements on safety, energy consumption,(More)
The train control center simulation system is a platform, which can test the reliability, safety of the train control center. On one hand this platform provides the corresponding test on the hardware and software, on the other hand it provides the most close to true circumstance of simulation environment. And the relay simulation frame is just used for(More)
The train control center is an indispensable component for the safe operation of high speed railways. This paper analyzes the software function and performance for the train control center subsystem in Chinese Train Control System level 3. It focuses on the editing of active balise telegram, based on the theory of timed automata and hierarchical modeling.(More)
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