Damien Van Tiggelen

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Work related neck disorders are common problems in office workers, especially among those who are intensive computer users. It is generally agreed that the etiology of work related neck disorders is multidimensional which is associated with, and influenced by, a complex array of individual, physical and psychosocial factors. The aim of the current study was(More)
The patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS) remains a challenging musculoskeletal entity encountered by clinicians. Reviewing the literature, conflicting data seem to exist regarding the effect of non-operative treatment in PFPS patients. A possible explanation may be lack of a clear classification system of patients with PFPS. It is our opinion that the term(More)
OBJECTIVES It has been shown that muscle fatigue has a negative influence on proprioception. Several studies already have demonstrated improvement of proprioception by using knee sleeves. HYPOTHESIS Neoprene knee sleeves have different effects on the joint position sense in locally fatigued subjects with good or poor proprioceptive acuity. DESIGN A true(More)
There have been numerous reports about the use of knee braces to prevent traumatic knee injuries. Despite the frequent use of braces, very few prospective studies have been performed to study the effect of knee braces for preventing anterior knee pain syndrome (AKPS). The purpose of this study was to assess the effectiveness of a dynamic patellofemoral(More)
Neck pain in association with the dynamic work environment of the fighter pilot is a well-discussed issue. Spinal symptoms in these pilots were recognized as a serious aero medical problem. Often described contributing factors of neck pain in this population are head movements under high +Gz load, seat-back angle, forward bent posture, head worn equipment,(More)
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