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An autism spectrum disorder (ASD) diagnosis is based on clinical behaviours as there are no validated biological diagnostic tools. Indolyl-3-acryloylglycine (IAG) is a chemical produced by gut microflora and there are conflicting reports as to whether urinary levels are elevated in children with ASD compared with controls. Urinary IAG levels in morning(More)
We report on successful amplification of DNA profiles from a single hair. Direct amplification was used on the root tip of both anagen and telogen hairs using a kit to amplify 15 STR loci. All 30 anagen hairs tested from five different people gave full DNA profiles after 29 cycles with no allelic drop-in or heterozygous imbalance. Six of the 30 telogen(More)
Here we assess the ability of random whole metagenomic sequencing approaches to discriminate between similar soils from two geographically distinct urban sites for application in forensic science. Repeat samples from two parklands in residential areas separated by approximately 3 km were collected and the DNA was extracted. Shotgun, whole genome(More)
We present here the derivation of paternity index formulae that covers situations of a disputed paternity trio with a trisomic product of conception. We consider six possible mechanisms for trisomy to occur: dispermy, dieggy, paternal meiosis I or II, and maternal meiosis I or II in the calculation. We also provide a biological explanation for how each of(More)
Advances in technology to both generate and interpret DNA profiles has seen the expansion of the ability to provide opinions about results obtained from very low levels of starting biological material. The response in court has been to question the mode by which the DNA came to be on an item, rather than questioning its presence. This brings into play a(More)
In 2015 the Scientific Working Group on DNA Analysis Methods published the SWGDAM Guidelines for the Validation of Probabilistic Genotyping Systems [1]. STRmix™ is probabilistic genotyping software that employs a continuous model of DNA profile interpretation. This paper describes the developmental validation activities of STRmix™ following the SWGDAM(More)
The evaluation of forensic evidence can occur at any level within the hierarchy of propositions depending on the question being asked and the amount and type of information that is taken into account within the evaluation. Commonly DNA evidence is reported given propositions that deal with the sub-source level in the hierarchy, which deals only with the(More)
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