Damien Schoëvaërt-Brossault

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Sperm motility is a determinant parameter characterizing the fertilizing ability of a semen sample. An objective method for measuring this parameter based upon an automated analysis of microcinematographic recordings is presented. The system, which consists of a Cinescan H16, a Quantimet 720 image analyzer, and a PDP 11/34 minicomputer, allows a motility(More)
The heterodimer Ku70/80 Ku is the DNA-binding component of the DNA-PK complex required for the nonhomologous end-joining pathway. It participates in numerous nuclear processes, including telomere and chromatin structure maintenance, replication, and transcription. Ku interacts with retroviral preintegration complexes and is thought to interfere with the(More)
This study mainly describes the long-term effects of 20 min of cerebral ischemia on the profile of the presumed cholinergic theta rhythm in the rat dorsal hippocampal formation during ether anesthesia and injection of the muscarinic agonist agent arecoline. The experimental data were collected 4-5 months after ischemia. They show that ischemia results in a(More)
The estimation of the fractal dimension in the case of concave log-log Richardson-Mandelbrot plots can be obtained by using asymptotic fractal equations. We demonstrate here, under asymptotic fractal conditions, that additional derivations making use of the Minkowski dilation in grey-scales lead to two asymptotes, one having a slope of 1 and the other a(More)
A FORTRAN computer program, running on a Digital PDP 11-34 minicomputer, has been developed for use in conjunction with a Cambridge Quantimet 720 image analyzer for the investigation of metaphase preparations in routine cytogenetics. During a short initiation phase the program is adapted to the type of metaphase being analyzed. The program is fast and its(More)
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