Damien Raclot

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Global climate and land use changes could strongly affect soil erosion and the capability of soils to sustain agriculture and in turn impact regional or global food security. The objective of our study was to develop a method to assess soil sustainability to erosion under changes in land use and climate. The method was applied in a typical mixed(More)
Soil aggregate stability is a key factor in soil resistance to water erosion, which is a threat to soils in a large part of northern Tunisia. The analysis of the spatial variability of soil aggregate stability provides both agronomic and environmentally useful information. However, extensive measurements of soil aggregate stability remain tedious and(More)
RésuméCe travail présente une étude de cas qui traite du calage et de la validation multiéchelle du modèle MHYDASErosion appliqué au bassin versant de Roujan, en France, occupé principalement par des vignobles. Pour le calage, les valeurs des paramètres touchant les cultures ont été estimées à partir des connaissances d’experts et du logiciel d’estimation(More)
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