Damien O'Malley

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We present "Herd It", a competitive, online, multi-player game that has the implicit benefit of collecting tags for music. We describe Herd It's user-centered design process and demonstrate that the game can collect both musical and social data. This data can be used to build machine learning models that automatically associate music with tags. Herd It(More)
In radioimmunoguided surgery (RIGS), a radiolabeled antibody is given i.v. before surgery and a hand-held gamma-detecting probe is used to locate tumor in the operative field. The rapid blood clearance and good tumor penetration of single-chain Fv antibodies (scFv) offer potential advantages over larger antibody molecules used previously for RIGS. A Phase I(More)
Antibody-directed enzyme prodrug therapy is a targeted therapy in which a prodrug is activated selectively at the tumour site by an enzyme, which has been targeted to the tumour by an antibody (antibody-enzyme conjugate). Previous clinical trials have shown evidence of tumour response, however, the activated drug had a long half-life, which resulted in(More)
In antibody-directed enzyme prodrug therapy, an enzyme conjugated to an antitumor antibody is given i.v. and localizes in the tumor. A prodrug is then given, which is converted to a cytotoxic drug selectively in the tumor. Ten patients with colorectal carcinoma expressing carcinoembryonic antigen received antibody-directed enzyme prodrug therapy with A5B7(More)
Phase I/II trials of new cancer therapies are designed to determine safety, efficacy and the optimal regimen for treatment. In order to uphold the principle that 'the interests of the subject must prevail over the interests of science and society' as laid down in the Declaration of Helsinki the effects of these trials on quality of life must be determined.(More)
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