Damien Nicolas

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Mammalian transcription occurs stochastically in short bursts interspersed by silent intervals showing a refractory period. However, the underlying processes and consequences on fluctuations in gene products are poorly understood. Here, we use single allele time-lapse recordings in mouse cells to identify minimal models of promoter cycles, which inform on(More)
Fluorescence and bioluminescence time-lapse imaging allows to investigate a vast range of cellular processes at single-cell or even subcellular resolution. In particular, time-lapse imaging can provide uniquely detailed information on the fine kinetics of transcription, as well as on biological oscillations such as the circadian and cell cycles. However, we(More)
HL7 is a standard developed to support the exchange of information related to the medical field across institutions from the same country or from different countries. This standard provides mainly a framework to sustain the data exchange at the application / technical layer and the thereby minimize the importance of business / organization information. This(More)
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