Damien McCarthy

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In continuing studies on the metabolic activity of Papaver somniferum, latex has been examined for its enzyme and alkaloidal metabolite content. After an initial centrifugation of latex at 1000g, the pellet which contained a heterogeneous population of dense organelles was further resolved on sucrose gradients. Of the enzymes monitored, acid phosphatase and(More)
The concurrence of human sewage contamination in urban stormwater runoff (n=23) from six urban catchments across Australia was assessed by using both microbial source tracking (MST) and chemical source tracking (CST) markers. Out of 23 stormwater samples human adenovirus (HAv), human polyomavirus (HPv) and the sewage-associated markers; Methanobrevibacter(More)
Human group C rotavirus was identified in central Australia in each of eight years over a 16-year period between 1982 and 1997. Cases occurred either sporadically but over a relatively short period of time or as clustered outbreaks. These are the only reports of human group C rotavirus in Australia other than that of a single case reported approximately(More)
Soils contaminated with mercury (Hg) have proved expensive and logistically difficult to remediate. Research continues into finding suitable environmentally-friendly and efficient ways of achieving this end. Bioremediation is an option, which employs the strategies microorganisms have evolved to deal with Hg. One microbial strategy involves uptake and(More)