Damien Massé

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In this paper, we explore the adaptation of policy iteration techniques to compute greatest fixpoint approximations, in order to find sufficient conditions for program termination. Restricting ourselves to affine programs and the abstract domain of template constraint matrices, we show that the abstract greatest fixpoint can be computed exactly using linear(More)
operators To verify Aμ-formulas, we need to abstract the operators. For each p in Π, let π(p) be an element of P ] such that π(p) ⊆ γ(π(p)), and π(p) an element of P ] such that Σ\π(p) ⊆ γ(π(p)). For each subset I of P, we define the abstract controllable predecessor relation CPre]I ∈ P ] → P ] and the abstract uncontrollable predecessor relation UPre ] I ∈(More)
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