Damien Massé

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We consider synchronization of a multi-antenna receiver for terrestrial digital video broadcasting (DVB-T) in the presence of strong co-channel interference. Thereby, we use a detection approach to find the symbol starts from the received orthogonal frequency division multiplexed (OFDM) signals. We propose two algorithms that exploit different features of(More)
In this paper, we explore the adaptation of policy iteration techniques to compute greatest fixpoint approximations, in order to find sufficient conditions for program termination. Restricting ourselves to affine programs and the abstract domain of template constraint matrices, we show that the abstract greatest fixpoint can be computed exactly using linear(More)
DVB-T2, second generation of terrestrial digital video broadcasting standard, promises performance gains because of improved coding, modulation and multiple antenna technologies. This paper proposes a simulation and evaluation performance of the DVB-T2 in order to address the improvement of DVB-T2 compared with DVB-T in a single frequency network (SFN)(More)
1 Résumé de la thèse L'analyse statique par interprétation abstraite permet d'inférer des propriétés sur un programme par abstraction de sa sémantique. Ces propriétés permettent entre autres de vérifier si le programme satisfait ou non une spécification. Toutefois, si la spécification est connue par avance, on peut en tenir compte lors de l'analyse pour(More)
Analyse statique modulaire de langages à objets Modular static analysis of object-oriented languages Acknowledgments This Ph.D. thesis is the result of the work, the aid and the support of many people, who made it possible to conceive and write it. These people deserve to be acknowledged. I hope I will not forget anyone.... I would like to thank Xavier(More)
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