Damien Lefloch

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Real-time or online 3D reconstruction has wide applicability and receives further interest due to availability of consumer depth cameras. Typical approaches use a moving sensor to accumulate depth measurements into a single model which is continuously refined. Designing such systems is an intricate balance between reconstruction quality, speed, spatial(More)
Recently, the new Kinect One has been issued by Microsoft, providing the next generation of real-time range sensing devices based on the Time-of-Flight (ToF) principle. As the first Kinect version was using a structured light approach, one would expect various differences in the characteristics of the range data delivered by both devices. This paper(More)
Current Time-of-Flight approaches mainly incorporate an continuous wave intensity modulation approach. The phase reconstruction is performed using multiple phase images with different phase shifts which is equivalent to sampling the inherent correlation function at different locations. This active imaging approach delivers a very specific set of influences,(More)
This paper presents a video-based solution for real time vehicle detection and counting system, using a surveillance camera mounted on a relatively high place to acquire the traffic video stream.The two main methods applied in this system are: the adaptive background estimation and the Gaussian shadow elimination. The former allows a robust moving detection(More)
This paper presents new methods to calibrate a head-mounted Eye Tracker (ET) automatically, as well as a new way to obtain an estimated point of regard (POR), taking account of the parallax. Calibration is performed in real time; it is easy for the user who just needs to look at one calibration pattern for a few seconds before starting. This method provides(More)
A people counter is a device used to count the number of pedestrians walking through a door or corridor. Most of the time, this system is used at the entrance of a building so that the total number of visitors can be recorded. People counting system is important for marketing research (pedestrian traffic management, tourists flow estimation) or in security(More)
Time-of-Flight (ToF) cameras gained a lot of scientific attention and became a vivid field of research in the last years. A still remaining problem of ToF cameras are motion artifacts in dynamic scenes. This paper presents a new preprocessing method for a fast motion artifact compensation. We introduce a flow like algorithm that supports motion estimation,(More)
There is growing interest in video-based solutions for people monitoring and counting in business and security applications. Compared to classic sensor-based solutions the video-based ones allow for more versatile functionalities, improved performance with lower costs. In this paper, we propose a real-time system for people counting based on single low-end(More)
This article focuses on an efficient algorithm for measuring object displacement and velocity from real time video. The proposed technique for object identification and tracking is based on background subtraction with optimized threshold binarization. Mapping techniques have been developed to relate image with real world. The algorithm is also capable of(More)
We propose a new real-time framework which efficiently reconstructs large-scale scenery by accumulating anisotropic point representations in combination with memory efficient representation of point attributes. The reduced memory footprint allows to store additional point properties that represent the accumulated anisotropic noise of the input range data in(More)