Damien Le Roy

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The nanoscale structural, compositional, and magnetic properties are examined for annealed MnAu nanoclusters. The MnAu clusters order into the L1(0) structure, and monotonic size-dependences develop for the composition and lattice parameters, which are well reproduced by our density functional theory calculations. Simultaneously, Mn diffusion forms 5 Å(More)
We describe novel features of the induced magnetic anisotropy in Co nanoclusters coupled with a CoO(111) layer. Individual cluster magnetism was studied using new microbridge superconducting quantum interference devices. Intrinsically, the Co clusters are single domains with an effective anisotropy constant K(F)≈1.5×10(6) erg·cm(-3). A bistable state of the(More)
Near the point of equiatomic composition, both FeRh and FeCo bulk alloys exhibit a CsCl-type (B2) chemically ordered phase that is related to specific magnetic properties, namely a metamagnetic anti-ferromagnetic/ferromagnetic transition near room temperature for FeRh and a huge magnetic moment for the FeCo soft alloy. In this paper, we present the magnetic(More)
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