Damien Hanser

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GaInN/GaN multiple quantum well light-emitting diode structures in polar c-axis and non-polar m-axis growth have been compared in terms of luminescence properties. Grown under identical conditions, under low excitation density the c-axis structure has a luminescence maximum at 558nmwhile the maxis structure shows a maximum at 488nm and shows(More)
In a design project, the actors cooperate to achieve a same objective, which can be the production of a document, a manufactured product, a plane or a building. The role of a cooperative project management tool is to offer each actor not only a good vision of the project development but also the extent of his action potential. The cooperation context of a(More)
In the Architecture Engineering and Construction sector (AEC) cooperation between actors is essential for project success. The configuration of actors’ organization takes different forms like the associated coordination mechanisms. Our approach consists in analyzing these coordination mechanisms through the identification of the “base practices” realized by(More)
In the Architecture Engineering and Construction (AEC) sector, cooperation between actors is essential for project success. During the building construction activity, organization is both hierarchical, transversal and adhocratic. Moreover coordination mechanisms are strongly dependant on trust perception by the actors. New assistance tools have to integrate(More)
Today, innovation networks are economically and technologically accessible [VBE04]; however, managers and members of such organizations notice that success and performance are not automatically given. More to this, practitioners point out that the collaboration processes are the actual challenge in the management of a networked organization. This paper(More)
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