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High performance multi-core processors are becoming an industry reality. Although multi-cores are suited for multithreaded and multi-programmed workloads, many applications are still mono-thread and multi-core performance with a single thread workload is an important issue. Furthermore, recent studies suggest that performance, power and temperature(More)
Temperature has become an important constraint in high-performance processors, especially multicores. Thread migration will be essential to exploit the full potential of future thermally constrained multicores. We propose and study a thread migration method that maximizes performance under a temperature constraint, while minimizing the number of migrations(More)
Temperature has become an important design constraint for high-performance microprocessors. Research on temperature-constrained microarchitecture requires an efficient modeling of temperature. We propose an analytical model of temperature, based on solving a boundary-value problem of heat conduction. The model gives steady-state and transient temperature at(More)
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