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This study analysed Longissimus dorsi muscles from 39 Angus or Angus×Limousin bulls to determine the small heat shock protein (sHSP) dynamics in beef aged at 15°C. Using quantitative ELISA we determined that alpha β-crystallin and HSP20 were present at higher levels in muscles from Angus bulls. sHSP levels peaked at 0.5 and 3h post-mortem for HSP20 and(More)
—Lithium ion batteries are promising for small off-grid energy storage applications in developing countries because of their high energy density and long life. However, costs are prohibitive. Instead, we consider " used " Li-ion batteries for this application, finding experimentally that many discarded laptop cells, for example, still have good capacity and(More)
A 2-yr study was conducted to determine whether bloat of stocker cattle grazing winter wheat pasture is a primary bloat or a secondary bloat as a result of reduced ruminal motility. Amplitude (mm Hg) and frequency of ruminal contractions (contractions/min) of steers were measured before and after the steers were placed on wheat pasture, and at about weekly(More)
The performance of a string of series-connected batteries is typically restricted by the worst battery cell in the string and a single failure point will render the entire string unusable. To address these issues, we present a decentralised battery management system based on a modular multilevel converter (MMC) with a distributed inductor. This novel MMC(More)
To determine if alterations in muscle morphology occur after subchronic oral administration of pyridostigmine bromide, rats were fed 90 mg/kg continuously in meal and examined at 1, 2, 4, 7, and 15 days. Within the first day, cholinesterase activity was reduced by 87% and remained inhibited by 74-91% for the entire course of the feeding. Light microscopy(More)
Accurate power measurements of electronic components operating at high frequencies are vital in determining where power losses occur in a system such as a power converter. Such power measurements must be carried out with equipment that can accurately measure real power at high frequency. We present the design of a high speed calorimeter to address this(More)
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