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Computer science o‚ers a large set of tools for prototyping, writing, running, testing, validating, sharing and reproducing results, however computational science lags behind. In the best case, authors may provide their source code as a compressed archive and they may feel con€dent their research is reproducible. But this is not exactly true. James Buckheit(More)
Learning features from sensory and motor information is an important step towards the autonomous acquisition of internal models in cognitive robotics. Here we study a neural model of orientation selective cells in the primary visual cortex, and ask whether it can also function as a feature detector for other somatosensory modalities. We apply this model to(More)
To date, the gold standard for characterizing neurons and assessing the action of drugs on them are voltage clamp protocols in patch clamp recordings [1]. However, it is now clear that the classical procedure, where measurements performed using constant voltage steps and channel blockers are averaged over several cells, does not typically allow the(More)
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