Damien Bonneau

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Clopidogrel requires CYP450-mediated hepatic metabolism to form its active metabolite (clopi-H4). This randomized, placebo-controlled, crossover study was designed to characterize the effect of a high-fat or standard breakfast on adenosine diphosphate (ADP)-induced platelet aggregation and exposure to unchanged clopidogrel and clopi-H4 following clopidogrel(More)
The purpose of this study was to investigate the interlaboratory variability in determination of apparent solubility (Sapp) and intrinsic dissolution rate (IDR) using a miniaturized dissolution instrument. Three poorly water-soluble compounds were selected as reference compounds and measured at multiple laboratories using the same experimental protocol.(More)
Photon sources are fundamental components for any quantum photonic technology. The ability to generate high count-rate and low-noise correlated photon pairs via spontaneous parametric down-conversion using bulk crystals has been the cornerstone of modern quantum optics. However, future practical quantum technologies will require a scalable integration(More)
A new fringe tracker based on photon-counting detectors and real-time image processing has been implemented on the Grand Interféromètre à 2 Télescopes at the Observatoire de la Cote d'Azur. Fringe visibilities have been recorded on P Cygni and other stars across the Hαemission line with optical path differences stabilized to between 4 and 7 µm rms (1% of(More)
We demonstrate fast polarization and path control of photons at 1550 nm in lithium niobate waveguide devices using the electro-optic effect. We show heralded single photon state engineering, quantum interference, fast state preparation of two entangled photons, and feedback control of quantum interference. These results point the way to a single platform(More)
Generating quantum entanglement is not only an important scientific endeavor, but will be essential to realizing quantum-enhanced technologies, in particular, quantum-enhanced measurements with precision beyond classical limits. We investigate the heralded generation of multiphoton entanglement for quantum metrology using a reconfigurable integrated(More)
We demonstrate a client-server quantum key distribution (QKD) scheme. Large resources such as laser and detectors are situated at the server side, which is accessible via telecom fiber to a client requiring only an on-chip polarization rotator, which may be integrated into a handheld device. The detrimental effects of unstable fiber birefringence are(More)
We present spectrally resolved interferometry of the Be star γ Cas in '88, '91, '93 and '94, obtained with the GI2T in-terferometer. The analysis of high spatial resolution data across the Hα line reveals azimuthally asymmetric variations which are correlated with those of V/R of the Hα profile. This correlation supports a prograde one-armed oscillation(More)
We report the first spectrally-resolved observations of the Be star γ Cas in the He i λ6678 and Hβ emission lines using the Grand Interféromètrè a 2 Télescopes in the southern France. Milliarcsecond angular resolution measurements were carried in both lines and their neighbouring continuum during October and November 1993. The He i λ6678 and Hβ maximum(More)
Entanglement--one of the most delicate phenomena in nature--is an essential resource for quantum information applications. Scalable photonic quantum devices must generate and control qubit entanglement on-chip, where quantum information is naturally encoded in photon path. Here we report a silicon photonic chip that uses resonant-enhanced photon-pair(More)