Damianos G. Karakos

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The processing of color image data using directional information is studied. The class of vector directional filters (VDF), which was introduced by the authors in a previous work, is further considered. The analogy of VDF to the spherical median is shown, and their relation to the spatial median is examined. Moreover, their statistical and deterministic(More)
Recent works in multispectral image processing advocate the employment of vector approaches for this class of signals. Vector processing operators that involve the minimization of a suitable error criterion have been proposed and shown appropriate for this task. In this framework, two main classes of vector processing filters have been reported in the(More)
This paper introduces the concept of image fusion of filtered noisy images for impulse noise reduction. Image fusion is the process of combining two or more images into a single image while retaining the important features of each image. Multiple image fusion is an important technique used in military, remote sensing and medical applications. Five different(More)
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