Damiano Oldoni

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Environmental sound measurement networks are increasingly applied for monitoring noise pollution in an urban context. Intelligent measurement nodes offer the opportunity to perform advanced analysis of environmental sound, but tradeoffs between cost and functionality still have to be made. When using a tiered architecture, local nodes with limited computing(More)
In this paper, the long-term learning properties of an artificial neural network model, designed for sound recognition and computational auditory scene analysis in general, are investigated. The model is designed to run for long periods of time (weeks to months) on low-cost hardware, used in a noise monitoring network, and builds upon previous work by the(More)
In this paper, a human-mimicking model for sound source recognition is presented. It consists of an artificial neural network with three neuron layers (input, middle and output) that are connected by feedback connections between the output and middle layer, on top of feedforward connections from the input to middle and middle to output layers. Learning is(More)
Auditory attention is an essential property of human hearing. It is responsible for the selection of information to be sent to working memory and as such to be perceived consciously, from the abundance of auditory information that is continuously entering the ears. Thus, auditory attention heavily influences human auditory perception and systems simulating(More)
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