Damiano Angeletti

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Testing and Bounded Model Checking (BMC) are two techniques used in Software Verification for bug-hunting. They are expression of two different philosophies: testing is used on the compiled code and it is more suited to find errors in common behaviors, while BMC is used on the source code to find errors in uncommon behaviors of the system. Nowadays, testing(More)
ERTMS is the European Railway Traffic Management System. The CENELEC EN50128 guidelines for software development of safety critical system require that the software produced is verified by providing a set of tests covering the 100% of the code. This requirement, however, substantially increases the costs associated to the Testing phase, since it may(More)
The complete design and realization of an underwater manipulation system composed by two cooperating arms has been one of the main goals which has been recently attained at the end of the AMADEUS Phase II project: a three years lasting reserch activity, funded by the European Community within the framework of the MAST III program on Marine Technology(More)
To prove the correctness of a program is to demonstrate, through impeccable mathematical techniques, that it has no bugs; to test a program is to run it with the expectation of discovering bugs. The two techniques seem contradictory: if you have proved correctness of your program, it is fruitless to comb it for bugs; and if you are testing it, that is(More)
Software Testing via Coverage Analysis is the most used technique for software verification in industry, but, since manual generation is involved, remains one of the most expensive process of the software development. Many tools have been proposed for the automatic test generation: on one hand they reduce the cost of the testing generation process, on the(More)
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