Damian Wynne

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It is estimated that approximately 50% of all married couples experience violence during their relationship (Lewis, 1985). The present study (N = 305) investigated the psychometric properties of the Wife Abuse Inventory (WAI), which was designed to identify women at risk for abuse. The WAI was found to be internally consistent, and evidence was obtained for(More)
This paper presents a dynamic, rate-based method that regulates consistency, in response to changes in the underlying network, for client-server-based Multiplayer Computer Games. It operates on the premise that, as the network conditions between client and server changes, so too does the inconsistency from the client's viewpoint. Hence, adapting the rate of(More)
The tunable dielectric constant ε of supercritical fluoroform is the explanation for pressure-dependent enantioselectivity in a reaction conducted at low pressure. For the cyclopropanation of styrene and methyl phenyldiazoacetate with a dirhodium catalyst, the enantioselectivity was significantly higher at 52 bar than above 80 bar (see plot).
Consistency is one of the most important aspects to be considered when designing a Distributed Interactive Application, and particularly in networked Multiplayer Computer Games (MCGs). Several techniques exist which aim to reduce network traffic in an attempt to maintain an acceptable level of consistency. However, these techniques are static in nature, as(More)
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