Damian Rössler

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The molecular and antigenic variabilities of BmpA (P39) among European isolates of Borrelia burgdorferi were analyzed. The bmpA sequences of 12 isolates representing all three species of B. burgdorferi sensu lato pathogenic for humans were amplified by PCR, cloned, and sequenced. The BmpA protein of Borrelia garinii is heterogeneous, with an amino acid(More)
Infection with Borrelia garinii outer surface protein (Osp) A serotype 4 strains has been correlated with the development of neuroborreliosis in Lyme borreliosis patients in Europe. OspA serotype 4 isolates have been recovered primarily from human cerebrospinal fluid, suggesting a tropism for this environment. Previous studies with monoclonal antibodies(More)
A fixed point formula of Lefschetz type in Arakelov geometry II: a residue formula / Une formule du point fixe de type Lefschetz en géométrie d'Arakelov II: une formule des résidus Abstract This is the second of a series of papers dealing with an analog in Arakelov geometry of the holomorphic Lefschetz fixed point formula. We use the main result [KR2, Th.(More)
We give a new proof of a slightly weaker form of a theorem of P. Colmez ([C2, Par. 2]). This theorem (Corollary 5.8) gives a formula for the Faltings height of abelian varieties with complex multiplication by a C.M. field whose Galois group over Q is abelian; it reduces to the formula of Chowla and Selberg in the case of elliptic curves. We show that the(More)