Damian Popovici

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One documented case of Wilms' tumor in an adult patient is presented. The patient is diagnosed clinically with renal tumor, probably renal carcinoma. Wilms' tumor is extremely difficult to diagnose preoperatively in an adult patient. The pathologic hallmarks of this neoplasm are distinctive and it is histologically similar to the childhood tumor. The(More)
A great many apparently unrelated disorders present similar clinical features. Among pathogenetic mechanisms which could explain this phenomenon we studied, in some metabolic and endocrine diseases, the possible role of zinc (Zn) in correlation with lipid peroxidation (oxygen radicals). In the patients with Zn depletion (14 cases) the production of(More)
The hepatoprotective action of the Romanian preparation Orgasel containing selenium (Se) 5.01 mg/100 g autolysated yeast powder, was tested on adult Wistar rats poisoned with carbon tetrachloride (CCl4). The hepatotoxic agent (a 20% CCl4 solution in oil) was administered i.p. in a single dose of 0.3 ml CCl4 solution/100 g body weight, and the preparation(More)
Patients with mild and severe cardiovascular diseases showed a significant disturbance of the redox equilibrium, manifested by increases of lipid peroxides and decreases of plasma total antioxidants. When the resulting oxidative stress is associated with ECG changes characteristic of "coronary disease" it indicates an acceleration of atherosclerosis, in the(More)
Accurate genotyping of hepatitis C virus (HCV) has clinical implications for treatment orientation and epidemiological impact in tracing the contamination sources. The aim of the study was to compare a genotyping assay by restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP) in the HCV 5'untranslated region (5'UTR) with sequencing in the 5'untranslated and NS5B(More)
In the present study: (a) physiopathology, (b) clinics, and (c) therapy of cardiothyreosis are discussed. (a) The hyperkinetic syndrome, the earliest clinical sign in thyrotoxicosis (vasodilatation, increase in inotropism, automatism, etc.), is mediated by a two-fold increase in the number of beta-receptors, and supported by an adequate synthesis of ATP and(More)