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BACKGROUND Vulnerable prisoners and mentally disordered offenders who present with risk of harm to self or others were accommodated in Special Observation Cells (SOCs) isolated from others for considerable periods of time. This practice has been criticised by the Council of Europe Committee for the Prevention of Torture. The objective of this initiative was(More)
BACKGROUND There is some evidence that when mental health commitment hearings are held in accordance with therapeutic jurisprudence principles they are perceived as less coercive, and more just in their procedures leading to improved treatment adherence and fewer hospital readmissions. This suggests an effect of the hearing on therapeutic relationships. We(More)
The total sample size for the study of intrapsychic variables was 252 (152 non-drug users and 100 life-time users including 69 current users). Using a multiphasic personality questionnaire, the Eysenck personality inventory and an orientation questionnaire, the authors found that high orientation, extraversion, anxiety and psychopathic deviate scores were(More)