Damian Marchewka

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This work discusses the role of unstructured polypeptide chain fragments in shaping the protein's hydrophobic core. Based on the "fuzzy oil drop" model, which assumes an idealized distribution of hydrophobicity density described by the 3D Gaussian, we can determine which fragments make up the core and pinpoint residues whose location conflicts with(More)
The characteristic distribution of non-binding interactions in a protein is described. It establishes that hydrophobic interactions can be characterized by suitable 3D Gauss functions while electrostatic interactions generally follow a random distribution. The implementation of this observation suggests differentiated optimization procedure for these two(More)
E-learning is widespread among pharmacists who take part in the continuing education courses. The fast development of e-learning platforms which provide educational courses has been noted. There is a need of standardization and validation of distance learning courses, especially as they have started to be recognized and accredited by continuing pharmacy(More)
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