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Many motion detection and tracking algorithms rely on the process of background subtraction, a technique which detects changes from a model of the background scene. We present a new algorithm for the purpose of background model initialization. The algorithm takes as input a video sequence in which moving objects are present, and outputs a statistical(More)
After over two decades of research in the field of assembly and task planning, an IEEE Technical Committee on Assembly and Task Planning has been created. One of the first activities of this committee has been to develop a taxonomy of the field. We will now present this taxonomy, which should be viewed as a dynamic description of the field that will change(More)
We are implementing ADAPT, a cognitive architecture for a Pioneer mobile robot, to give the robot the full range of cognitive abilities including perception, use of natural language, learning and the ability to solve complex problems. Our perspective is that an architecture based on a unified theory of robot cognition has the best chance of attaining(More)