Damian Lesniak

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Maybe the single most important goal of representation learning is making subsequent learning faster. Surprisingly, this fact is not well reflected in the way embeddings are evaluated. In addition, recent practice in word embeddings points towards importance of learning specialized representations. We argue that focus of word representation evaluation(More)
J. Borowski, J. Sulej-Chojnacka, H. Jurczak, D. Leśniak, H. Dyja, Metal Forming Institute, Poznan, Poland The objective of research was to determine the weldability, using Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) of extruded sections made of hard-deformable 5xxx series aluminum alloys with differing magnesium content, i.e. AlMg3, AlMg4,5, AlMg5, AlMg7. Welded joints were(More)
Exponential growth in the number of compounds with experimentally verified activity towards particular target has led to the emergence of various databases gathering data on biological activity. In this study, the ligands of family A of the G Protein-Coupled Receptors that are collected in the ChEMBL database were examined, and special attention was given(More)
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