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In this paper, we present a multi-frontal solver algorithm for the adaptive finite element method expressed by graph grammar productions. The graph grammar productions construct first the binary elimination tree, and then process frontal matrices stored in distributed manner in nodes of the elimination tree. The solver is specialized for a class of one, two(More)
We construct quasi-optimal elimination trees for 2D finite element meshes with singularities. These trees minimize the complexity of the solution of the discrete system. The computational cost estimates of the elimination process model the execution of the multifrontal algorithms in serial and in parallel shared-memory executions. Since the meshes(More)
Key Words: Multi-frontal direct solver, optimal elimination tree, dynamic programming, h adaptive finite element method In this paper we present our dynamic programming based algorithm finding optimal elimination trees for computational grids obtained from h adaptive finite element method [1]. The elimination tree is a core part of the multi-frontal direct(More)
In this paper we present a hypergraph grammar model for transformation of two and three dimensional grids. The hypergraph grammar concerns the proces of generation of uniform grids with two or three dimensional rectangular or hexahedral elements, followed by the proces of h refinements, namely breaking selected elements into four or eight son elements, in(More)
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