Damian G. Morris

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Ghrelin is a novel growth hormone-releasing peptide, originally identified in the rat stomach as the endogenous ligand for the growth hormone secretagogue-receptor (GHS-R1a). Ghrelin is involved in the regulation of GH release, but it has recently been suggested that ghrelin may have other actions, including effects on appetite, carbohydrate metabolism,(More)
Pituitary tumours have previously been shown to harbour several abnormalities that cause deregulation of the cell cycle, particularly down-regulation of expression of the cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor p27. However, it has been unclear whether these are the primary initiating events, or are secondary to other more proximate alterations in signalling(More)
Cushing's syndrome requires a screening test of high sensitivity, followed by biochemical evaluation of the source of the tumor when the cause is ACTH dependent. The high-dose dexamethasone suppression test is still in common use as an aid in differential diagnosis, although its value has been queried. We have routinely used the low-dose dexamethasone(More)
OBJECTIVES Microarray technology allows for the expression profile of many thousands of genes to be quantified at the same time, and has resulted in novel discoveries about the tumour biology of a number of cancers. We sought to do this in pituitary adenomas, the most common intracranial neoplasm. METHODS Affymetrix GeneChip HG-U133A oligonucleotide(More)
Metastases to the adrenal glands are common in patients with cancer but symptomatic Addison's disease is rarely noted in this population. The development of body computerized tomography (CT) allows the diagnosis of adrenal metastases to be made more readily antemortem. From 1980 to 1981, 19% (4/21) of patients at the Massachusetts General Hospital who had(More)
Cushing's syndrome results from prolonged exposure to excessive circulating glucocorticosteroids, and is associated with significant morbidity and mortality. While the treatment of choice in most patients is surgical, the metabolic consequences of the syndrome, including increased tissue fragility, poor wound healing, hypertension, and diabetes mellitus,(More)
CONTEXT Pituitary adenomas and pheochromocytomas/paragangliomas (pheo/PGL) can occur in the same patient or in the same family. Coexistence of the two diseases could be due to either a common pathogenic mechanism or a coincidence. OBJECTIVE The objective of the investigation was to study the possible coexistence of pituitary adenoma and pheo/PGL. DESIGN(More)
A study was conducted to assess the stress associated with different tail docking techniques using plasma cortisol concentrations as a physiological indicator, and to determine whether the responses are ameliorated by analgesic treatments. Tails were docked by the application of rubber Elastrator rings, the use of a sharp “cold” knife or a gas-heated “hot”(More)
The CDK inhibitor p27 plays a pivotal role in controlling cell proliferation during development, and has been implicated in tumorigenesis. Previous studies have demonstrated changes in p27 protein expression, but not in mRNA levels, in human pituitary tumors. It seems probable that the fall in p27 is due to increased degradation through the(More)