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Leading order semi-classical asymptotics are given for the distribution of the eigen-values of Dirac and Pauli operators describing an electron in an electromagnetic eld. Minimal conditions are assumed on the electric and magnetic potentials to ensure the existence of only a nite number of eigenvalues outside the essential spectra. The method used is based(More)
This study develops a modelling framework for utilizing very high-resolution (VHR) aerial imagery for monitoring stocks of above-ground biomass (AGB) in a tropical forest in Southeast Asia. Three different texture-based methods (grey level co-occurrence metric (GLCM), Gabor wavelets and Fourier-based textural ordination (FOTO)) were used in conjunction with(More)
At present, there is very limited information on the ecology, distribution, and structure of Cambodia's tree species to warrant suitable conservation measures. The aim of this study was to assess various methods of analysis of aerial imagery for characterization of the forest mensuration variables (i.e., tree height and crown width) of selected tree species(More)
Invasive carnivorous plant species can impact the native invertebrate communities on which they prey. This article explores the predation of native UK bumblebees (Bombus spp.) by the invasive pitcher plant species Sarracenia purpurea and discusses the potential effect of S. purpurea on native bumblebees. Specifically, it evaluates whether the extent to(More)
This research examines the role of canopy cover in influencing above ground biomass (AGB) dynamics of an open canopied forest and evaluates the efficacy of individual-based and plot-scale height metrics in predicting AGB variation in the tropical forests of Angkor Thom, Cambodia. The AGB was modeled by including canopy cover from aerial imagery alongside(More)
Following publication, a number of errors have been identified in the data analysis and the authors wish to apologise for any inconvenience caused by these errors and to provide corrected data. There are some errors in the values reported in Table 1. Please see the corrected Table 1 here, with amendments marked in bold, underlined font. Fig 8 was plotted(More)
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