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The KineAssist is a robotic device that allows the therapist to safely interact with and challenge a patient as they train in whole body dynamic-balance tasks such as sit to stand or gait. The design and development of the KineAssist proceeded rapidly as a startup product of a small company. Here we briefly restate the KineAssist's motivation, design, and(More)
Serious gaming for health benefits is moving out of the realm of being potentially interesting, and the authors are starting to see a growing maturity in the field. This study of six serious gaming projects based either wholly or partly in Denmark investigates the changes taking place in the healthcare area based on experiences with serious gaming projects,(More)
Ultrasound imaging of the brain is routinely used to monitor the development and resolution of brain lesions among premature and compromised newborn human babies. However, animal studies have shown that ultrasound can cause damage to developing foetal and neonatal tissues. In this study we investigated if ultrasound of the chick brain can lead to learning(More)
The American Board of Radiology is developing a computerized interactive case management examination to be used to evaluate the clinical skills of radiation oncologists. In the past, these skills have been evaluated by a pencil and paper written examination and an oral examination. With the increasing capabilities of computers, these skills can be easily,(More)
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