Damian Bisewski

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The paper deals with the nonlinear compact thermal model of SiC power semiconductor devices based on the Cauer network. The analytical description of the model and the method of the model parameter estimation are presented. The accuracy and usefulness of the model is verified experimentally for the Schottky diode and MESFET transistor at their various(More)
This paper refers to properties of silicon carbide Schottky diodes at high values of their internal temperature. The investigated diode was elaborated at Warsaw University of Technology. Characteristics of this diode were measured at different cooling conditions in wide range of dissipated power. At each operating point the value of the internal temperature(More)
In the paper the dc characteristics of the SiC MESFET operating in the wide temperature range are investigated. The transistor CRF24010 offered by Cree is considered. The characteristics obtained from measurements and SPICE simulations performed with the use of Raytheon-Statz model are compared.
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