Damian Alonso

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We propose Rogowski coils as coupling elements for Power Line Communication (PLC) in lithium-ion batteries for electric and hybrid vehicles. Current battery management systems use standard CAN busses for the communication between the battery control unit (BCU) and battery modules, which comprise lithium-ion cells. In contrast, in next-generation batteries(More)
Power line communication (PLC) in automotive traction batteries is an innovative technology for next-generation lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery packs. PLC avoids a dedicated wire harness for communication in Li-ion battery packs and helps to reduce weight and production costs. Moreover, PLC enables higher data rates than currently used communication systems,(More)
State-of-the-art management systems of automotive batteries employ wired and standard bus system, e.g. CAN bus, for the in-battery communication. This leads to the installation of a very large wiring harness, which increases the costs and manufacturing complexity. In previous work, we have already introduced a wireless approach, presenting some results of(More)
In previous works we already introduced our wireless approach for the communication network in the battery management system. We also investigated the main characteristics of the communication channel. In this new contribution, we present the first version and results of a prototype of this communication network. We implemented the master and the slave(More)
A model of the transmission channel is essential for designing a power-line communication (PLC) system for a lithium-ion battery pack in electric and hybrid vehicles. Currently, measurements of lithium-ion batteries have to be performed by specially trained staff in safety chambers, because they might cause severe safety problems. A simulation model of the(More)
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