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Certain guanine-rich (G-rich) DNA and RNA molecules can associate intermolecularly or intramolecularly to form four stranded or "quadruplex" structures, which have unusual biophysical and biological properties. Several synthetic G-rich quadruplex-forming oligodeoxynucleotides have recently been investigated as therapeutic agents for various human diseases.(More)
Epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) is a cell surface molecule and member of the ErbB family of receptor tyrosine kinases. Its activation leads to proliferation, antiapoptosis, and metastatic spread, making inhibition of this pathway a compelling target. In recent years, an increasing number of clinical trials in the management of solid malignancies(More)
BACKGROUND The effect of using fixed versus weight-based doses for erythropoietic agents has not been reported previously. To investigate this issue, the authors conducted a randomized Phase II study of darbepoetin alfa administered as either a fixed dose or a weight-based dose using an accelerated correction and maintenance dosing regimen (front-loading).(More)
In medical terminology, spontaneous regression of cancer refers to exceptional and unexplained partial or complete disappearance of cancer without medical intervention. This phenomenon has been described in various malignancies with no well established causative factors, except perhaps immune mediated. Here we present a rare case of hepatocellular carcinoma(More)
Papillomaviruses are small nonenveloped DNA viruses that infect squamous epithelial cells. These viruses have been found in many organisms. Human papillomaviruses (HPVs) give rise to a large spectrum of epithelial lesions, mainly benign hyperplasia (eg, warts and papillomas) with low malignant potential. There is a subgroup of HPV, the "high-risk" HPV,(More)
The clinical benefit of digitalis for patients with heart disease is well established. However, recent studies have also suggested that digitalis has antineoplastic activities at clinically relevant serum concentrations. Much of the early evidence supporting the anticancer activity of digitalis has been circumstantial. Observational studies suggest a(More)
The aim of this study is to characterize rituximab-induced interstitial lung disease (R-ILD). The information on all reported cases of R-ILD was reviewed. This analysis focused on patient characteristics, underlying disease, rituximab dosing schedule, and R-ILD characteristic-like symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and outcomes. Sixteen cases of R-ILD,(More)
e19077 Background: There is laboratory evidence that digoxin sensitizes cancer cells to the induction of apoptosis by chemotherapy. Inhibition of the Na/K-ATPase enzyme by ouabain disturbs the intracellular ion composition of cancer cells, altering cellular homeostasis. This suggests that inhibition of the Na/K pump results in cellular sensitization of(More)
PURPOSE To characterize the cause of thrombocytopenia in all patients treated with heparin products, to determine the incidence of heparin-induced thrombocytopenia (HIT) in unselected hospitalized patients, and to have modern data of the magnitude of this problem. METHODS Retrospective hospital-based cohort study. During a random 2-month period, we(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of this study was to report our experience and review the published data on argatroban administration during adult cardiac surgery. METHODS The information on all reported cases of argatroban use in adults, during cardiac surgery was reviewed, including that of the patient described here. This analysis focused on patient(More)