Damián Serrano

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Databases have become a crucial component in modern information systems. At the same time, they have become the main bottleneck in most systems. Database replication protocols have been proposed to solve the scalability problem by scaling out in a cluster of sites. Current techniques have attained some degree of scalability, however there are two main(More)
Cloud Computing provides a convenient means of remote on-demand and pay-per-use access to computing resources. However, its ad hoc management of quality-of-service and SLA poses significant challenges to the performance, dependability and costs of online cloud services. The paper precisely addresses this issue and makes a threefold contribution. First, it(More)
MapReduce is a popular programming model for distributed data processing. Extensive research has been conducted on the reliability of MapReduce, ranging from adaptive and on-demand fault-tolerance to new fault-tolerance models. However, realistic benchmarks are still missing to analyze and compare the effectiveness of these proposals. To date, most(More)
As more and more applications are deployed as Internet-based services, they have to be available anytime anywhere in a seamless manner. This requires the underlying infrastructure to provide scalability, fault tolerance and fast response times. While replicating the services and the data they access across sites that are located in different geographic(More)
We are at the dawn of a huge data explosion therefore companies have fast growing amounts of data to process. For this purpose Google developed MapReduce, a parallel programming paradigm which is slowly becoming the de facto tool for Big Data analytics. Although to some extent its use is already wide-spread in the industry, ensuring performance constraints(More)
Companies have a fast growing amounts of data to process and store, a data explosion is happening next to us. Currently one of the most common approaches to treat these vast data quantities are based on the MapReduce parallel programming paradigm. While its use is widespread in the industry, ensuring performance constraints, while at the same time(More)
Databases are core components of modern distributed multi-tier information systems. In most of the cases, the database is the bottleneck of the system, limiting the scalability of the full system. This is the reason why database replication has demanded much attention during the last few years. However, current replication protocols rely on two facts that(More)