Damián Palomba

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Our work is focused in the broad area of strategies and efforts to inhibit protein-protein interactions. The possible strategies in this field are definitely much more varied than in the case of ATP-pocket inhibitors. In our previous work (10), we reported that a retro-inverso (RI) form of Helix1 (H1) of c-Myc, linked to an RI-internalization sequence(More)
Several observations highlight the importance of the carbohydrate moiety for the biological activity of antitumoural anthracyclines. Here is reported the synthesis, cytotoxicity and topoisomerase II-mediated DNA cleavage intensity of the new oligosaccharide anthracyclines 1--4 modified in the sugar residue. Evaluation of cytotoxic potency on different cell(More)
With >800 members in humans, the G protein-coupled receptor (GPCR) super-family is the target for more than 30% of the marketed drugs. The recent boom in GPCR crystallography has enabled the solution of ∼30 different GPCR structures, which boosted the identification and optimization of novel modulators and new chemical entities through structure-based(More)
The absolute stereochemistry at the C-7, C-8, and C-9 chiral centers of pinolidoxin (1) has been determined by chemical and spectral methods. First, the synthesis of four stereoisomeric fully benzoylated 2,3-erythro-1,2,3,4-heptanetetrols, corresponding to the C(6)-C(18) portion of the natural substance, has been accomplished starting from meso-tartaric(More)
Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are contained in a variety of chemicals that can be found in household products and may have undesirable effects on health. Thereby, it is important to model blood-to-liver partition coefficients (log P(liver)) for VOCs in a fast and inexpensive way. In this paper, we present two new quantitative structure-property(More)
New descriptors of main and side chains for polymers with high molecular weight are presented in order to predict the glass-transition temperature (T(g)) by means of T(g)/M ratio. They were obtained by molecular modeling for the middle unit in a series of three repeating units (trimer). Taken together with other classic descriptors calculated for the entire(More)
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