Damián Mizrahi

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The identification of the sensory cues and mechanisms by which migratory birds are able to reach the same breeding and wintering grounds year after year has eluded biologists despite more than 50 years of intensive study. While a number of environmental cues have been proposed to play a role in the navigation of birds, arguments still persist about which(More)
We report that planulae produced by Tubastraea coccinea can metamorphose and aggregate in groups of up to eight polyps in the water column, without previous settlement on benthic substrate. We also evaluated the survival of propagules to test whether different levels of aggregation allowed for longer planktonic life and, therefore, higher dispersal(More)
Sun corals Tubastraea coccinea and T. tagusensis have recently invaded the southeastern Brazilian coast, monopolizing long stretches of rocky habitats and changing the structure of benthic communities (Lages et al. 2011). There is still no evidence of biological interactions deterring the sun coral spread over this region (Moreira and Creed 2012). We(More)
In helical CT, there are 4 mains factors of quality: The in-plane spatial resolution that is the same in conventional CT; The spatial resolution on the Z axis, which is the slice thickness. The increase factor of the slice thickness between a conventional and a helical CT depends on the pitch and the reconstruction algorithm. The value of the increase(More)
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