Damhnat McCann

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PURPOSE This study aims to describe the sleep experience of parents staying overnight with their children in hospital. DESIGN AND METHODS Parents (n = 102) completed the Verran and Snyder-Halpern Sleep Scale following a night spent with their children in an Australian tertiary pediatric hospital. RESULTS Parents experienced sleep deprivation and poor(More)
The aim of this study was to compare the perceptions of needs held by parents of hospitalized children with those held by the staff caring for them. Family-centred care is a central tenet of paediatrics and should encompass all aspects of the child and family's experience of hospitalization. Important to this are the needs of parents when their children are(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the importance of contextual and policy factors on nurses' judgement about medication administration practice. DESIGN A questionnaire survey of responses to a number of factorial vignettes in June 2004. These vignettes considered a combination of seven contextual and policy factors that were thought to influence nurses' judgements(More)
AIM This paper is a report of a study conducted to explore the impact of preidentified contextual themes (related to work environment and socialization) on nursing medication practice. BACKGROUND Medication administration is a complex aspect of paediatric nursing and an important component of day-to-day nursing practice. Many attempts are being made to(More)
The aim of this systematic review was to critically examine the research that quantifies and describes the daily patterns of time use by parents of children with complex needs. Four electronic databases were searched. A total of 32 studies (30 peer-reviewed journal articles and two theses) met the inclusion criteria. Three key findings emerged from the(More)
BACKGROUND Peripheral intravenous device (IVD) complications were traditionally thought to be reduced by limiting dwell time. Current recommendations are to resite IVDs by 96 hours with the exception of children and patients with poor veins. Recent evidence suggests routine resite is unnecessary, at least if devices are inserted by a specialised IV team.(More)
AIMS The objectives of this study were to identify nurses' attitudes toward medication policies and the perceived factors that influence nurses' adherence to the medication policy or their ability to follow policy in the clinical environment of a tertiary paediatric hospital. METHODS Using a focus group methodology, data were collated from a group of 32(More)
Employees in a large work organization participated in an investigation of relationships between drug use and absenteeism and tardiness. Specifically, the study investigated the extent to which both self-reported and urine-screened drug use accounted for variance in several types of absenteeism, as well as tardiness, above and beyond that accounted for by(More)
A prospective design that included a survey tool, nursing care records, and telephone interview was used to determine postprocedural effects experienced by children and families following gastrointestinal endoscopy performed as a day procedure. One hundred twenty-one children attending a pediatric gastroenterology unit for endoscopy under general anesthesia(More)
UNLABELLED Family-centred care philosophies are promoted by policy makers and nurse leaders, although how this ideal is put in practice often remains unclear. Checklists or guidelines may be useful tools to assist nurses in determining a parent's desire for involvement in their child's care. AIM To evaluate the effectiveness of a documentary tool designed(More)